Martial Arts tournaments are going DIGITAL

We need to get all coaches to register so competitors can enter future tournaments using the correct club name.
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Just a quick note about billing systems.
Billing systems are for clubs who have recurring bills.
These systems are great for collecting regular, equal payments.
Karate-Ratings is not a billing system. Karate-Ratings is a ratings system.
Getting ratings comes from running tournaments. No two tournaments are the same.
Tournaments do not occur on the same day every month. The events selected is different for every competitor.
This is why billing systems can not run a ratings system.

Below is a image which may help some people to understand the purpose of

A small component of entering tournaments is the billing. This is done externally, to legally comply with Australian banking standards.
Karate-Ratings never asks for any banking or credit card details. We use PayPal for your security.